Our Mission
We promote and defend academic freedom as well as all rights related. We are an autonomous, independent, plural and non-biased court of the Universidad de Los Andes, which performance relies on the National Constitution as well as on the International Human Rights Treaties.

Our Vision
We aim to serve as a local reference that promotes human rights and academic freedom, education and culture, in order to develop and settle community consciousness.

Our Goals

  • To create a database able to provide and classify statistical information concerning academic freedom violations, based on human rights.
  • To develop accurate paperwork and other documents through which we can observe and highlight the issues that academic freedom and human rights involve. In addition we aim to work along with national and university centers and organizations, as well as with international organizations that promote and defend human rights and academic freedom.
  • To promote academic activities related to human rights and academic freedom through workshops, conferences, seminars for both, undergraduate and postgraduate public. These activities are aimed to establish the knowledge about the culture of peace in the society.

Our History
On March 2014 the Rector of the University of Los Andes, PhD Mario Bonucci Rossini, proposed to create a University Observatory of Human Rights, due to the concern that emerged from serious violations to human rights occurred in Venezuela from February 2014, especially in the Andean states of Mérida, Táchira and Trujillo, where the university campus are located. A series of protests and demonstrations carried out by students and citizens lead to the creation of the observatory, which was later approved by the University Board.