Since 2018, ODH-ULA has demanded from the relevant agencies optimal performance of basic services in Merida.

(Merida 04/22//2020).-the precarious and increasingly deficient of performance of basic services in Venezuela prevents that the Coronavirus Pandemic can be adequately combated and affects the daily lives of citizens in quarantine. Therefore, the lack on continuous and optimal performance of basic services, which in Venezuela are publics, they imply a violation of human rights.

The Observatory of Human Rights of the University of Los Andes (ODH-ULA) demands from the Venezuelan state, under the administration of facto regime, the optimal performances of drinking water, electricity, domestic gas, telecommunications, and others services such as the dispatch of petrol and diesel, which most are controlled by state companies. ODH-ULA points out that failures in basic services are the results of corruption, lack of maintenance and disinvestment in them, which are exercised by a misrule, as has been proven by the GNO Transparencia Venezuela and the media through investigations.

Unjustified failures

ODH- ULA rejects the recent publication of electricity service rationing plan called “Plan de Administration de Carga” (PAC) for the Merida state, which contemplates six hour continuous of cut, without schedules and established dates. The reality ascertained by this observatory is that most sectors, especially in the Libertador and Campo Elias municipalities, add up to a day 12 hours without electricity.

In addition, the interruptions of water drinking supply constantly as well as the most frequent failures in telecommunications services and the absence of domestic gas in many homes at Merida is added to the lack of gasoline and diesel for citizens. All these services depend partially or totally on the Venezuelan state, so that this is its absolute responsibility and it ought to guarantee their optimal performance or demand such commitment from responsible.

Requirements don’t met since 2018

On April 6 and 18, ODH-ULA accompanied a group of citizens to bring a complaint at the offices of Corpoelec and Aguas de Merida (Aguamerca), which are responsibility for supplying electricity and drinking water in the state. Since none this complaints were responded to, on July 04, 2018 an appeal was brought with the Guard Municipal Court, which declined jurisdiction in the Dispute Administrative Court of the Merida state. Consequently, on March 11, of this year, ODH-ULA brings a lawsuit against Corpoelec in the competent court, it is founded on law of jurisdiction in the Dispute administrative Court.

In addition, this year 2020 ODH-ULA has brought two complains whit the Ombudsman’s Office due to performance precarious of the electric and drinking water services, they rejects the action of it with the companies responsible for supplying both Aguamerca and Corpoelec services. So far neither complains has been met.

ODH-ULA rejects and does not justified the deficiencies in the supply of basic services in Venezuela. The increasingly continuous and grave failures in these services have not causes external to responsibilities of governmental.

ODH-ULA demands optimal performance of basic services in the Andean Region.

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