(Merida 01/28/2020).- In the midst of the democratic and institutional crisis and the attacks on the autonomous universities that Venezuela is experiencing, the Observatory of Human Rights of the University of Los Andes (ODH-ULA) celebrates the holding of student elections in the main andean house of studies and urges his students to participate.

Defender and promoter of academic freedom and university rights, ODH-ULA supports the student movement in its struggle to preserve its spaces of action through democratic participation. The holding of student elections within the framework of the political situation in Venezuela is a sign of the democratic values of university students and the effort not to give up the autonomy of higher education institutions to the pressures of the de facto national regime.

Likewise, the time is opportune to reiterate the rejection of this Observatory to judgment No. 0324 issued on August 27, 2019 by the Constitutional Chamber of the illegitimate Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ). Contrary to the legitimacy of student elections to be held at the ULA, which is established in the University Law, this ruling constitutes a violation of university autonomy, enshrined in the national Constitution. In this sense, the ODH-ULA urges the ulandino student body to participate in the elections that will take place on January 29, through the conscious vote and fruit of the democratic criteria that constitute the basis for the defense of freedoms and rights, not only academics, but also civil and human.

ODH-ULA celebrates call for student elections

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