(Merida 10/10/2019).- The Observatory of Human Rights of the University of Los Andes (ODH-ULA, by its acronym in Spanish) rejects the appointment of Clotilde Navarro as the new administrative vice chancellor at the University of Zulia (LUZ, by its acronym in Spanish), designation made by the National Council of Universities (CNU, by its acronym in Spanish). Likewise, this observatory denounces the annulment made by the Constitutional Chamber of the illegitimate Supreme Court of Justice on the appointment of ucevista (person from Central University of Venezuela) professors Manuel Rachadell and Miguel Albujas as representatives of the National Assembly (AN, by its acronym in Spanish) before the CNU, and condemns the illegal restrictive measures imposed on their freedoms and assets.

These arbitrary and illegitimate decisions constitute new violations of university autonomy and academic freedom, enshrined in the National Constitution and the University Act. 

The ODH-ULA also questions the recent decrees of creation of the International University of Communication[1] and the Evangelical Theological University of Venezuela[2], issued by Nicolás Maduro, who illegitimately occupies the presidency of the Republic. 

This observatory rejects that while the autonomous universities of the country are suffocated by lack of budget and run over by illegitimate decisions and actions such as those referred to at the beginning of this alert, the de facto regime continues its policy of strengthening the parallel system of universities that began in the 2003 and that this observatory documented in a report.

[1] Universidad Internacional de la Comunicación

[2] Universidad Teológica Evangélica de Venezuela

ALERT! ODH-ULA rejects new violations of university autonomy and questions the creation of parallel universities

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