Mérida, Venezuela (11/09/2018). — On Sept. 7, 2018, the Observatory of Human Rights of the University of Los Andes website—www.uladdhh.org.ve—was attacked by a hacker in China. This is the second attempt to take down the website with the purpose of muzzling the reports, cases and information of human rights violation registered by this university human rights center.

ODH–ULA Spanish website. www.uladdhh.org.ve

The hacker could not take down the website this time, but on February 24, 2018, when the Observatory reported the first cyberattack, the website was offline for 24 hours and it was fully recovered only a week later.

The hacker left a message on that occasion saying “be aware” along with his signature “H4XR3”.

Andrés Hočevar, webmaster of the ODH–ULA, said that this new attack started from a Chinese IP running a hacking technique that uses the website’s source code. He indicated that there are at least 50 daily hacking attacks against the website, which are ultimately frustrated or deterred.

The NGO Espacio Público registered the attack and stated that these practices, as well as web censorship of human rights and news portals, limit the free exercise of the right to freedom of expression. / Press ODH–ULA

Hacker in China Targets ODH–ULA Website

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