Mérida, Venezuela (24/07/2018). – Photographs are the visual memory of the current crisis Venezuela is facing as it has been proved by the first photography exhibition organized by the ODH–ULA, which depicts the serious humanitarian emergency and the situation of human rights in the country.

In the exhibition, which was opened on Monday, July 23th, in the hall of the Rectorate Building of the University of Los Andes (ULA), there are pictures exposing the complex humanitarian crisis from different angles and other issues such as civilian demonstrations, the diaspora, healthcare system, economy, education, among others.

The winning photography depicts Venezuelan immigrants in a refuge in Brazil. We can read from the picture that emigrating is not always the answer.

The rector of the University of Los Andes, Professor Mario Bonucci, welcomed the initiative taken by the ODH–ULA that seeks to raise awareness on the systematic violation of human rights, and the complex emergency in Venezuela, through artistic and visual representations.

Professor Bonucci urged the community at large to continue documenting every single human right violation that may happen, so the ODH–ULA gets the opportunity to keep collecting material to fight for the university and the country.

Dozens of people went to see the photographs exhibited in the hall of the Rectorate Building of the ULA.

Likewise, Professor Mayda Hočevar, Coordinator of the ODH–ULA, stated that the Observatory is not just documenting the violation of human rights in a traditional way, but it is engaged in using other methods and means, such as the visual language was used this time.

Professor Elizabeth Marín, curator of the exhibition, said that these photographs are “to make us aware, to make us reflect, to make us think and to not forget. The pictures are for us to change”.

In the exhibition, organized by the ODH–ULA, Epikeia University Observatory of Human Rights, and Espacio Proyecto Libertad (Space Project Freedom), the three winning photographs were Sueño migratorio (Migratory Dream) by Gresliz Aguilera, Holocausto en silencio (Silent Holocaust) by Alejandro Pernía, and Sin electricidad, pero igual hay que estudiar (Without Electricity, yet We Have to Study) by Jorge Ibarra.

The photograph exhibition will be open to the public in the hall of the Rectorate Building until Friday, July 27th during business hours. / Press ODH–ULA

ODH–ULA Photography Exhibition Shows Pictures to Let Us Not Forget

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