Mérida (15/06/2018). – The Observatory of Human Rights of the University of Los Andes (ODH-ULA) requested the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to release Ahmadreza Djalali, a professor and academic specialized in disaster medicine, sentenced to death.

Mayda Hočevar, Director of the ODH-ULA, sent a communication to the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Venezuela, Mustafa Alalei, requesting immediate actions of his government to procure the immediate release of the scholar. As of now, she has not received any response.

Professor Hočevar said that, according to information provided by Scholars at Risk, Professor Djalali was arrested in April 2016, when he was visiting Iran to participate in conferences and seminars hosted by the University of Tehran and Shiraz University.

Caption: The ODH-ULA, Scholars at Risk, Academics around the world, and other NGOs are requesting the release of Professor Ahmedreza Djalali.

Djalali was arrested and imprisoned under the alleged charges of “collaboration with a hostile government” and “acting against national security”. He was also forced to sign his name on a confession related to crimes against Iran’s national security, under threat of accusation with the charge of “enmity against God”, a crime which implies death penalty. Later, on October 21st, 2017, the academic was accused and sentenced to death under the charge of “corruption on earth”, and since then his health is deteriorating.

Professor Hočevar also informed that, according to reports by different Human Rights Organizations, Professor Djalali’s right to due process has been violated several times, even by Iran’s Supreme Court of Justice, which refused to review the case. In this regard, Hočevar affirmed that the deprivation of liberty of Professor Djalali evidences a worrying failure to comply with international standards of academic freedom, due process, fair trial, and fair treatment of prisoners that have been acknowledged in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, both of them adopted by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It is for these reasons that the ODH-ULA requested the ambassador of the Iranian Republic of Iran in Venezuela for his support and demand the Iranian government to get the immediate release of professor Ahmadreza Djalali, whose health issues including diarrhea, weight loss, and a possible tumor are ever worsening without receiving proper medical assistance. (Press.ODH-ULA)

ODH-ULA Urges the Government of Iran to Release Professor Sentenced to Death

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